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Foreign markets

PhosAgro is consistently listed in the world’s top five producers of phosphate-based fertilisers, which account in aggregate for approximately 50% of total global production. 

Our flexible production and sales models enable us to supply the tailored fertilizers that farmers in over 100 countries on every inhabited continent use to grow better crops. Our strategy calls for a particular focus on the priority markets of Europe, Latin America and Asia because of the significant demand in each of these regions, coupled with insufficient local supply of phosphate resources. In order to better reach clients in these priority markets, we have focused on opening sales offices there. We established new offices in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Hamburg (Germany) and Biarritz (France). These came in addition to existing offices in Zug (Switzerland), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Warsaw (Poland) and Singapore. These offices bring us closer to our end customers, enabling us to better understand their needs and better explain what differentiates PhosAgro fertilizers in terms of safety and purity. 

PhosAgro can leverage a number of advantages compared to other major global producers of phosphate-based products:

  • The Company has its own reserves of the high-grade ore;
  • PhosAgro’s main production capacities are located in relatively close proximity to major ports;
  • Owing to a flexible production platform the Company is able to rapidly redirect production capacities over one or two days to the output of products in greatest demand. 
Comparatively low production costs enable the Company to compete successfully on markets in different countries and in different segments of the mineral fertiliser market.
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