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PhosAgro's uniqueness

We are the world’s largest producer of high-grade phosphate rock and Europe’s largest producer of phosphate-based fertilizers. We control a premium phosphate resource that contains almost no dangerous impurities, and we leverage this exceptional asset through our vertically integrated, flexible fertilizer production capacities to deliver a wide range of tailored crop nutrients to farmers in Russia and across the globe. Our sustainable low-cost advantage sets us apart from our peers and offers our stakeholders unique value that other phosphate-based fertilizer producers cannot offer.

Value for our stakeholders 

With mining assets that will last for more than 70 years, we are in the phosphate-based fertilizer business for the long term. This means that we have to take a long-term view not only of how we develop our production assets, logistics operations and sales network. Our business also depends on creating value in all of our relationships with a full range of stakeholders, from our employees to investors and shareholders. We invest in the communities where we operate in coordination with local governments and administrations, as well as trade unions and educational institutions. By helping these communities develop, we are addressing a whole range of issues that could affect our business in the long term, from the supply of healthy and qualified personnel to work at our plants to ensuring we are recognized by residents and officials for making a positive impact.

Low impurities equals safer food supplies 

We use our own high-quality raw materials from igneous phosphate ore (phosphate rock with high phosphate content and low levels of dangerous impurities). Companies that use high-quality phosphate rock benefit from lower processing costs for the manufacture of end products, which enables them to achieve higher profits on mineral fertilizer sales. 

We also believe that national regulators and farmers in Europe and other intensive farming regions will be increasingly concerned with issues related to the quality and purity of crop nutrients used to produce food products–concerns over cadmium and other soil pollutants are on the rise. 
Customer focus 

We aim to build value through further integration of our sales and distribution operations. To achieve this, we have opened our own sales offices in priority export markets, while also investing in our domestic distribution network.

Growing range of superior quality fertilizers 

PhosAgro’s in-house R&D enables us to develop and start production of new fertilizer grades quickly, in order to deliver the crop nutrient solutions our customers need. We currently produce 35 grades of fertilizers including those containing secondary (sulphur) and micro nutrients (zinc and boron). 
The superior quality of our phosphate-based fertilizers comes from the exceptionally pure phosphate raw material we use, which contains extremely low levels of dangerous impurities. 
Vertical integration 

We are one of the most vertically integrated companies in our industry, starting with high levels of self-sufficiency in key feedstocks and reaching all the way through to sales and distribution to our end customers. Taken together, this gives us the lowest cash cost in the industry.

Flexible production and sales 

We have flexible production and sales models that enable us to focus on producing exactly what our customers require, and to sell what we have produced nearly anywhere in the world in order to achieve a fair netback price for PhosAgro. PhosAgro’s flexible production lines are capable of switching between production of DAP, MAP and complex NPK or NPS fertilizers less than two shifts, meaning we can react quickly to changing demand and maintain high-capacity utilisation rates. This is further enhanced by a flexible sales model, which enables us to sell our product nearly anywhere in the world at competitive prices and in volumes ranging from 500–1,000 kg big-bags for domestic shipments to 20–40-tonne containers and entire bulk ships for export. 
In-house R&D 

Our research and development employees are highly skilled and support and facilitate decision-making related to our investments in construction by developing feasibility studies, supervising construction and designing projects.

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