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Ammonia Solution  
NH3 (Ammonia)  
HNO3 (Nitric Acid)  
Na2SiF6 (Sodiumsilicofluoride)  
Sulphuric Acid  
Oleum, Н2SО4 + SOз  

Mark A Ammonia Solution is applied as nitrogen fertiliser in agriculture for the ammonification of feed in livestock farming. This is a liquid fertiliser that is easy to digest.

Mark B Ammonia Solution is used in the production of colourants (pigments) and in the production of metals and alloys by electrolysis.

Ammonia is used:

  • in the production of nitric acid;
  • in the production of fertilisers (ammonia nitrate, urea, MAP and many others);
  • in organic synthesis;
  • in the production of water solutions applied in medicine and the chemicals industry;
  • for liquid fertilisers;
  • as solvent for a significant class of agents containing nitrogen.

Nitric acid is used to obtain ammonia nitrate, complex fertilisers, oxidising processes for the pickling of metals in electrical engineering, in radio engineering and the printing industry.

Aluminium fluoride is applied in the production of aluminium by electrolysis, in organic synthesis processes and also in other production sectors.

Sodiumsilicofluoride is intended for the building materials industry, light industry, the performance of assembly and specialised work, for water fluoridation and other purposes.

Sulphuric acid from liquid acid is applied:

  • in the production of acids, sulphates, explosive substances, chemical fibres, spirits, ethers, colourants, mineral pigments, fertilisers; 
  • for the refining of petroleum products; 
  • in the production of molasses and glucose; 
  • to obtain aluminium, magnesium, copper, mercury, cobalt, nickel;
  • in the pickling of metals;
  • in the dyeing of fabric and yarn, bleaching of fabric, leather tanning.

Mark K sulphuric acid is used in the production of caprolactam.

Oleum is applied in the production of sulphuric acid, caprolactam and other substances, and also as a sulphonating, dehydrating or oxidising reagent.

Nepheline concentrate  is a raw material for producers of alumina and cement, soda ash, potash, in further processes in the chemical industry, the production of ceramic products, welding electrodes, water-dispersion paints and the chemicals required to clean natural and waste water. 

Aegirine concentrate consumers are the producers of refractory products and protective-lubricating coatings, mineral wool and fibreglass. This is a promising raw material for the manufacture of weather-resistant mineral pigment fillers.

Titanomagnetite concentrate is used in the production of vanadium pig iron and titanium slag, abrasives and refractory products and pigments.

Syenite alkali aluminium concentrate is required for the production of building materials, and also in the glass industry and ceramics production.

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