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Social Responsibility

Social policy is an integral part of PhosAgro’s development strategy

The Company’s activities are based on responsibility before its employees and society.

PhosAgro’s social projects are geared to ensuring that it provides safe and comfortable working conditions, resolves housing problems and improves the quality of life of PhosAgro employees and their families, provides professional training for employees and material support for veterans and pensioners, develops youth movements, and also furthers regional social and economic development.


To employ the best employees, who will guarantee the proper functioning of the production facilities and sustainability of the business

PhosAgro's goals in the social sector:

  • to motivate employees to increase their level of professional development and personal growth;
  • to increase the quality of life of employees – improve the corporate culture, monitor the state of health of employees, facilitate the recovery and treatment of employees and provide comfortable leisure options for family members;
  • to establish a positive public opinion about the Company and raise its appeal as an employer
  • to cooperate with local authorities on issues relating to the preservation and development of cities, the development of sport and culture, the construction of housing for employees.

All PhosAgro’s businesses have developed healthcare and wellbeing programmes to improve conditions at work places.

PhosAgro employees have an opportunity for rehabilitation not only at Russian health centres and recreation resorts, but also abroad, while their children have a chance to take holidays at Russian and foreign holiday camps.

PhosAgro's corporate social responsibility takes due account of the need to form a professional vocational educational environment, developing programmes on the professional orientation of schoolchildren in the cities where PhosAgro’s businesses have a presence. In addition, corporate assistance is provided to kindergartens, medicine and education are supported.

General corporate events organised by the Minudobreniya Association of Trade Union Organisations have become a tradition. These form the unified corporate culture of the Company: the PhosAgro Spartakiad Games, the panel game PhosAgro Stars, professional skills competitions, etc.

PhosAgro’s businesses conclude on an annual basis public-private partnership agreements with the governments and local authorities in the regions where they operate.

PhosAgro works closely with leading universities to help them properly prepare students for jobs at PhosAgro production sites.

As part of the Support and Development of Professional Education and Career Guidance Programme, PhosAgro has created a vertically-integrated “school-college/university-factory” system to prepare future employees.

Special “PhosAgro-classrooms” have been opened in local schools in the regions where PhosAgro works (Balakovo, Volkhov, Kirovsk and Apatity, Cherepovets). These classrooms are designed to help teaching mathematics, CIT, physics and chemistry at the 10th-grade level, and they help students to prepare for entrance to some of the best technical universities in the country – after which the students may choose to work at a PhosAgro production site.

The PhosAgro-classroom project provides support for the best teachers and students. They get the opportunity to use leading-edge lab equipment and modern IT equipment as part of the education process.
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